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Need a Job

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I left my former job due to the ethical practices involved. I was a customer service rep (over the phone) and we were told to start pushing customers to get a credit card. This among other things drove me to quit. Within a month, maybe a little longer, I started working in a major warehouse but after 3 weeks was terminated due to a failed background check. The person that fired me could not disclose why as it was a third party that ran the check, and it just comes back as pass or fail. I would love to have that job back, but...

"Romans  8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose."

I don't know what to pray honestly. I just ask for prayer in this matter and that God would provide a good job in which I could honor Him.

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He has always provided for me, but with the mask garbage and all the ignorance in the world it seems so much harder to honor our Father in the workplace. I'm not complaining against God in this; it's just becoming near impossible to find honorable work when you don't already have a needed skill or trade. That is the extent of my circumstances. Even living in southern Alabama, the "bible belt" as often called, very few people here even care to listen to what a bible believer has to say. This world has become so corrupted with churchianity that most days, I just ask God to take us home already. I had an interview this morning with a man that used foul language at least 15-20 times in a 5-7 minute interview. Out of honesty, trying to honor God, I told him about the failed background and it went south from there. He told me he was looking for people up here (puts hand above head) and not down here (puts hand below knee). I am just so tired of being vexed by this life, and I know I'm not alone.

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You are certainly not alone. The "Bible Belt" is probably worse for a saved, Bible Believer because you have so many false converts and churchianity, as you said. In my part of Virginia you KNOW saved from lost. Before the balogna virus I was struggling with interviews with female HR witches and sometimes the male hiring manager who was clearly a freemason. I can only imagine with the mask muzzle now. 

Don't bring up anything negative in the interview unless specifically asked. It is not a Roman Catholic "confession" booth. I am not saying to lie. Just don't bring things up if you can avoid it. 

I decided I will never interview with females or HR (which is 99% female) again. 

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I will definitely take the advice. And thanks for the encouragement as well. I couldn't imagine having to find work in your area. Most jobs I've had or interviewed for, it was always a man in the authoritative position. But even here as you said for Virginia, HR is almost always 100% women. It makes no sense to me why women would have the most logically challenging positions when they are more emotionally involved than men. I looked into why the background failed and opened a case through the corporate side of my previous employer to possibly get that job back. I'm now praying that if God doesn't want me there that it just doesn't happen. I'm sure the brethren can relate to this as well, but it's so hard for me to make practical decisions in life not knowing exactly what God would have me do. I do pray, He just doesn't always give an answer to everything. 

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