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I have a question about Interracial marriage. I am not getting married, nor have someone or anything like that- But I ask this for:

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(I've seen All of Bryan's Videos on this topic; you do not need to post them).

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I know with specific groups that it is best to date as closest to your nationality. I hold those views too, yet I understand others marry outside of their race who are God-fearing men and women.

I'd heard of stories too, one being a Jewish man who fell in love with a woman who was of another race. The woman left him and, in due time, became a Christian woman. He still longed for her, did not know how she was or anything, for they were in no contact since she moved due to work at the time. He finally came to The Lord due to other circumstances. Then soon after such, that same woman entered into his life, and they worked together again. (They were in animal or human care in a "developing" country, I believe, or they both were volunteering).

He, who stayed in the same place helping, then learned that that woman also came to the faith soon after leaving that country to help out elsewhere as he came forth to be. He then clicked that that is why she came back, for God brought her back into his life after he came forth to Christ, for she too was in Christ. (Hopefully, not too wordy there). 

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I know of other folks who married outside their race and have unique and loving marriages too of different races. Even those who are like, Slavs or Baltic with other Slavs or Baltics, etc. | Not always the same country, etc. but the same grouping of nations.

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However, I'd like to know you folks stances on these matters at hand too.

I still hold the stance of one should be with their nationality if not close to such - For example - I'm Eastern European and Baltic Mix (As the Two Main Percentages) while a small part (Finnish and Asian). Meaning that if I am to be married, the man for me would be Eastern European and/ or Baltic also. This way, it's not narrowed down to one thing, but also isn't broad to anyone. 


(More so, since I don't know what nationality I am precisely due to being adopted and those sorts). 

Plus, I was born in Russia yet gotten told lots by Russians, themselves, that I don't look, Russian. However, since I was born in Russia, I must be Russian. I used to be called an ugly baby in Russia, so no one wanted me - most Russians are bulky in structure, straight brown-haired and tall. (Brown hair meaning Lighter hair; I have dark and curly hair, which is uncommon for Russians unless mixed).

(Most Russians have Blond hair, if not light brown from what I learned. I also learned that most Slavs and even Baltics do not have curly hair and rarely have dark brown hair if straight. 


I know that Ukrainians have dark brown hair, sometimes curly too, but Northern Slavs do not see them as Slavs, for they speak of Ukrainians as "Southern Blood."

I have Baltic Roots, which can be Lithuanian, and looking at Lithuanian women, I match their looks, except I rarely see any with curly hair.

Strange enough is that most Slavs and Baltics, in general, do not have Curly hair, nor do they have dark brown hair. My hair can get extraordinarily curly that some questioned if I had a (Perm?) done. My hair is naturally curly. My hair color and texture aren't typical for Slavs at all. It's been told that if a Slav has curly and/ or dark hair, then they must have southern blood.

Most Slavs see Southern blood to be " (Gypsy, Jew, Ukrainian, Greek, etc.)" - Ukraine is a Slavic nation, but some still see them as Southern Blood for some reason.


Letavin(a) can be a Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian, and Jewish last name). The (a) is there, for I am female. I know that where I was born, many villages are surrounding the area. I do not look like any of the Letavins in that area of birth, yet another neighboring village. 

In each of those villages and that area specifically, hundreds to thousands of folks named Letavin(a) live close to each other. Plus, Letavins know of other Letavins in the surrounding regions, for they all have specific features from one another. 

Also, I doubt I am a Jewish person - Aka - (I forget there are Slavic/ Baltic Jews) - But one thing I found pretty cool was that though Letavin(a) can be a Jewish name, those of that surname are most likely from the tribe of Levi.

Yet, I hope this question is an alright one. Yes, I am looking for my roots. I am mainly looking for who my father can be to understand my roots.

I believe I found my mother though some searching (no DNA match), but as she left me at the hospital and orphanage - she still doesn't want to be spoken to either. (She blocked the person who messaged her). Truthfully, I wanted to thank her for giving me up, no matter reasons why or how. I may have had many, lots, of ups and downs by who I was adopted by - Yet, I still had a better life than what I would have had due to Russia's circumstances during that time frame in which I was born, etc.)

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