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Natural myopia and astigmatism reversal

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I was wondering how Bryan got rid of his glasses? He always wore them in his videos but in his most recent ones he doesn't. I have a long story with glasses, got them as a kid at around 10 (which is a TERRIBLE idea, pseudo-myopia which is the cramping of the ciliary muscle can be cured with proper eye rest and distance vision but if you put glasses over it your eye elongated and actually creates and augments myopia as time goes by).

Glasses are like a drug, you will always need more correction because the more strain your eyes are in, the more the eye has to overcompensate the glasses correction and you end up like the beginning but seeing even worse at a distance.

Below is a site about natural myopia control and reversal which I followed for some time (and still am using reduced prescription) but I can't seem to get my visual cortex to use my eyes correctly and have significant progress...

Has anyone ever been on this journey? And how do you think Bryan got rid of his glasses? I hope it's not because he got contact lenses, because they cause permanent damage over time, but I suppose he didn't because he and sister Katherine are savvy when it comes to natural healing and would discover the contact lens side effects (or LASIK, DON'T EVER GET LASIK!!!) in a heartbeat.


Your eyes aren't broken. Myopia is a $100 billion business, and they want you as lifetime customer. Nearsightedness is a refractive state, one you can change.


Oh and there are thousands of testimonies around the web about people who did reverse their myopia and astigmatism, in case you thought it was not possible (optometrists of course have always told us it isn't, because the glasses business is another branch of the Big Pharma goldmine)..

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Same here. I started to need glasses at age 13 if I sat in the back row at public school to see the writing on the board. I would wear for just those times but then I decided to wear them watching TV, and then eventually I couldn't go without them. 

I tried the Bates Method and EFT (which I now think is new agey). I am always open to new ideas. I would like to get rid of them too.

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Ok take my experience with a grain of salt, I had to get glasses at the age of 12. Probably damaged my eyes by staring at a computer screen for too long since I grew up with technology.

I wore them frequently, and my vision over the years just get worse. I stopped wearing them at around 15, and now at 22 my vision hasn't gotten worse, but it was getting worse by wearing glasses over the years I suppose.

They aren't really necessary for me, It only gets a little blurry at very far away. 

A friend of mines whose dad is a ophthalmologist (eye doctor), does not recommend LASIK at all, stay away at all costs.

Also eating carrots, are really good for the eyes I hear. Vitamin K 

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1 hour ago, Ramin said:

A friend of mines whose dad is a ophthalmologist (eye doctor), does not recommend LASIK at all, stay away at all costs.


I wore contacts for 15 years but quit about two years ago.

I qualified for free LASIK when I was in the military but I eventually declined it. Praise the Lord. My attitude was, "No surgeries unless my life depends on it." Now, I am not even sure about even that. 

I think I might be too far gone to improve my sight but you never know. 

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Not exactly Myopia or Astigmatism, but I've got Lazy Eye / Amblyopia, one eye mostly ignored by the brain (can't focus), so no depth perception or 3d vision; apparently the new thing for treatment is using 3D VR simulations to train the weak eye, some have claimed it works quite well, my case is quite severe so the eye specialist said it wouldn't work.

If anyone knows anything about that, while on the topic of eyes.

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I've heard (I can't speak from experience as I'd like to) that eating raw corn with the juice reverses all sorts of eye problems.

And I know how good fermented food is for you: GOD gives us nutrition by what grows from the ground, answers are there. Study the eyes, brake it down, and figure out what each tissue needs. Also when you understand the body you know that training it and un-training habits changes certain reactions. An example would be a rash because you scratch verses a actual skin irritation. That party of your body can generate auto mechanical need as an itch for you to just scratch it...these are auto disorders. And we know how nutrition plays a role In this as well.

Using lenses is like cheating the eye, I imagine it could be so severe as one would need them because of headaches, muscle spasms etc...

But it's like having a weak joint yet you use a wrap/brace to use that limb to perhaps move the body, well use it only to strengthen the surrounding bores, muscles and nerves, and as least as possible even for your mental state. Or your body because of your mind (choice) will adapt to the crutch. And as a bad habit takes minutes to become instinct, it can take over a month of consistency to break (this being insignificant compared to something complex).

Your eyes are lenses, yet you put another pair of lenses on, to help out therefore reducing the work needed for it to auto fix itself at best, or stay the same at worst. Using lenses will no doubt be a crutch. 

Fixing something wrong In your body is hard work, and even harder depending on the time you've allowed it to go on. Why is it hard, because of the discipline and the will it takes...be determined And be patient. Do it with the LORD, for with GOD all this are possible.


I'll be praying for you all, GOD speed.

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