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Hello brethren,

In this word study we are going look into the correct word format for “Jesu Cristo” (Jesus Christ). I am going to explain the history why it is worded correctly from the 1500s and 1600s and explain the two critical changes that took place during the 1700s and 1800s-present time. 

The Spanish norm since the 1800s and today is “Jesucristo” which is totally incorrect and quite frankly heretical. All counterfeits that took the name “Reina-Valera” and all modern translations use this norm in their versions. The reason why it is heretical because, there should be a space and not sandwiched in altogether, this is how context is destroyed. Jesús is the Lord’s name and Cristo is His title. 

Also as a side note, other base Latin languages such as German and Italian also wrote the Spanish equivalence of “Jesu Cristo” correctly 

German: Jesu Christi 

Italian: Gesù Cristo

Ask yourselves this question: If these two languages wrote it exactly like this, and not having an extra letter -s for Jesu when Cristo is present, then why in the world did the Spanish did this heresy? 

Answer: Vatican wants to be in control.

With all that being said, let’s look into the history lesson.


The Latin base for Jesús is Iesus. Words that end with the letter -s with a vowel next to it are not pronounced in Spanish. That is why for today’s Spanish orthography an accent is located on the second last vowel for those words in order to give the emphasis of pronunciation of the letter -s (this also applies for the letter -n as well). This method is called “palabras agudas” (weak or water-down words).

Since Spanish is depended heavily on its Latin base for pronunciation, this is why “Jesu Cristo” was written from the Latin format: Iesu Christi. 

The New Testament translations before Reina and Valera are Enzinas 1543 and Pineda 1556. They also wrote Jesu Cristo in the correct format. The following screenshots are from Matthew Chapter 1

Enzinas 1543



Pineda 1556



Reina 1569



Valera 1602



During the 1700s, a hyphen was added in for Jesu Cristo. Writings in Spanish during the 18th century used “Jesu-Christo” as the norm during that time period. You might ask within yourselves, “it appears correct and seems okay.” Let me tell you, this is incorrect. According to the DRAE (Diccionario de la Real Academy Española) gives the following definition for the word guion (hyphen).


Translated definition

An orthographic sign (-) used to divide, at the end of the line, a word that does not fit completely in it. It is also used to join words to form compounds, as in physical-chemical studies; to express relationship between concepts or entities, as in space-time binomial; to express intervals, as in pp. 33-35; to join prefixes to acronyms or proper names: anti-NATO, pro-Obama; and to join expressions that combine numbers and letters, as in DC-10.

Ummm brethren... is the Lord Jesus Christ’s name just a compound word? Do you really need to use a hyphen in order to express the relationship of concept and entity between the Lord’s name, the name that is above every name and His title? There is a difference of definition of the name Jesus which means “Jehovah saves” or “I AM the Savior” and Christ which means “Messiah” or “Anointed One.”

Just let it all sink in for a moment... 


Other than the 18th century, the corrupted format was even displayed from the corrupted 1862 that destroyed the preservation of Valera 1602



So brethren, more so to the Spanish-speakers, stop using the heretical norm “Jesucristo” in your daily communication and start changing your communication to the actual correct format “Jesu Cristo,” the correct format that was preserved in the Reina-Valera 1865, the infallible Spanish Bible.


Hope this study has been a blessing to you all.

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2 hours ago, ryoji said:

Very interesitng brother! I always wrote Jesucristo but I will change it to Jesu Cristo from now on!

Yup and I am here to edify the brethren. The sad thing is that nobody questions these things sadly... and the Hispanics excepted it because, of the ignorance and catholicism running the government. The corrupted appearance of “Jesucristo” appeared in the catholic Felix Amat versión in 1816, which lo and behold, that version was used for the corrupted 1909 version. Since then people just accepted 1909 because, it had the name “Reina-Valera” and assuming it was a legit bible alongside with the “Jesucristo” format. 

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9 hours ago, Romans_14.12 said:

I knew that there was so'm weird after seein' the difference between Jesucristo and Jesu Cristo. Thanks for this post.

You’re welcome. Here to edify the brethren of what was lost so many years ago due to ignorance. I’m glad you enjoyed the post 👍🏼

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