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On 4/14/2021 at 9:48 PM, ryoji said:

"Flat earth is not a salvation issue", well, you don't have to believe in it to be saved, but...


Born again in the name of yahusha 🤨 

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Youtube - watch?v=0fcUVe6S4vg

Saw this on Reddit  

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" Less than 5 minutes from getting 'vaccine' injected inside them the two people to my left starting having seizures. First the gentlemen in the red car was watching in shock as the driver next to him was having a seizure. Little did he know he would have one right after him. I called the medics to help him. They have a procedure where after you get the shot you have to wait in the car for 15 min and if something goes wrong to honk your horn and someone will show up. Well these folks to my left just passed out into seizures with no warning. If someone didn’t notice (in this case it was me) these folks would just continue having seizures. This policy must change. I told the (women) in charge she ignored me I told another man he pointed me back to the women in power like he can’t do nothing. Smh "

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21 hours ago, Piper LT said:

Haven't watched it, may not 


Though - You cannot "catch" a virus by breathing in or anything of the sort

I recommend it. It's a short version of their previous full documentary on the subject.

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This is a really cool video! Sad it had to be that way, but the Lord warned the Jews and they rejected Him. They kept sacrificing animals as if the blood of God wasn't good enough for them. Ahh... Now for the Third Temple, soon.

@Piper LT and to everyone of course, but also check out the other animation videos, I'm sure you'd like them too.

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" A theologian, PhD and self-described Christian apologist is dead after posting her “vaccine card” on Facebook.

Dr. Kimberly Credit received her first dose of the experimental Moderna mRNA shot on February 10. Her Facebook post that day says she wanted to “lead by example” for Black Americans and pastors."


Aaand sadly down to hell she went... No way she was saved. Just look at the hashtags she wrote... Another hypocrite and deceived soul gone. Oh Lord, when will this madness end?


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Ohhh boy those Jews have no clue. Very curious how they seem to agree that they want a "peaceful leader", the Beast will fit their imaginations as a glove..

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3 hours ago, ryoji said:

It certainly is amazing. Them and this, and everything else seems like a movie script. Everything is so obvious.CrAZy


Ohhh boy those Jews have no clue. Very curious how they seem to agree that they want a "peaceful leader", the Beast will fit their imaginations as a glove..


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I haven't posts much links on here, for I mainly send them out through emails - but I decided I'll start posting some here again - will try more often than before



Iraq's Interior Ministry says 82 people were killed and 110 injured in Baghdad hospital fire

Syria's oil ministry said firefighters on Saturday put out a fire on an oil tanker off the Baniyas refinery after a suspected attack by a drone coming from the direction of Lebanese waters.

Thai authorities are stepping up travel restrictions and other measures to combat a rapidly spreading third wave of COVID-19 infections as the country logged 11 deaths on Sunday, a daily record.

Indictment says the Grenons sold tens of thousands of bottles of ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ and alleges they received more than $1m

The boycott, set to begin on Friday, is the most direct effort yet by a sport to pressure social media companies like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to take action against abuse.

Decision not to try Kobili Traoré over 2017 killing of Sarah Halimi, 65, has provoked international outrage

Customs and Border Protection officers recently seized more than $4 million worth of suspected methamphetamine at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge cargo facility, the agency said.

A study found no mutations associated with a parent's exposure in the 1986 nuclear accident.

He told colleagues ‘I’m going to give you all the coronavirus’, police say

The latest communication was sent by MeitY was based on recommendations of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), which flagged these URLs as “communally sensitive”.

Flames across several floors lead to scenes of panic at a hospital in the Iraqi capital.


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Save James. 34,885 likes · 4,142 talking about this. Save James - Save Thousands of Children


" This mother heard a message from her child in the womb. Yes, her daughter spoke from the womb, saying: Cut off my breasts. Give me testosterone despite irreversible and harmful risks. Manufacture a penis from skin harvested from my arm or thigh.

Amber Briggle attacked Jeff on facebook, and then turned off replies, and again attacked Jeff at the senate in Austin last week with Anne’s knowledge, and has gathered an army of child abusers to harass Texas legislators who have signed on to protect children.

One of Anne and Amber’s cohorts last week brought her 10-year-old boy, in a dress and long blonde hair, to “testify.” Now we know that mother beat her son for playing with incorrect toys. Remember: Anne decided James was a girl after playing with a toy at age three!

In every one of the countless lawsuits, motions, complaints filed by Anne, Jeff replied “Wait and see.” Anne cannot wait, this mother cannot wait, and she will not tolerate any one standing in her way to drug and mutilate her child. ASAP!

Accept my child for who they authentically are! Screams Anne and Amber, who cannot accept their child for who they authentically are.

Their “unconditional” love is heavily burdened with many, many conditions...

The latest representative to sign on to protect our youngest children is Texas House Member Lynn Stucky. He is now enduring a barrage of attacks from Amber’s army. Rep. Stucky’s contact information is in comments. Please, support, and thank him for saving children.

#SaveJames, save THOUSANDS of children. "

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What's worse is the "Gender-nonconforming" children...


It's a way of still opening a door for mischief of confusion to set forth into the mind of children.


The environment is what shapes the children, and there's a lot of confusion now-a-days.

Kids are just soaking it right up... Easiest to control, manipulate, confuse, etc.

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12 hours ago, Piper LT said:


:classic_biggrin::classic_biggrin: So true!!

9 hours ago, Dennison said:

The earth is absolutely flat. No question, but if someone wants to stay in the matrix.....I will still be their brother. 🙂

Yup yup. However, one of both options is a lie, either it is flat or it is round, either it is heliocentric or geocentric. Some saved believers take it too lightly, "either way", "it doesn't affect salvation"... Well yes, but we have to remember and realize all lies are of the devil.

John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. 

If you cling to a lie, even if you think it's truth, you are still supporting the devil. That's why my interest in the topic does not come from morbid curiosity, but to try to reach the truth, which should always be our goal. Truth is divisive, but it shouldn't be so in the body of Christ, and it is sad to see that many choose to remain faithful to the "wisdom of the world" instead of trying, with the Scriptures in hand, to let the Holy Ghost break their prejudices.

Genesis is clear: "And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament", Joshua is clear: "the sun stood still", Revelation is clear: "every eye shall see him", Isaiah is clear: "It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in", any other interpretation to what the Scriptures plainly tell is trying to force the "wisdom of the world" to the meaning of Scripture, simply because you don't like or truly believe what they say...

Amazingly, "Let God be true and every man a liar" suddenly becomes a stumbling-block when it comes to flat earth...

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4 hours ago, Dennison said:

But if someone doesnt know something there can be no free will no mens rae no guilt no sin.

Well not quite... Not knowing is not an excuse for doing what's wrong. Just because someone doesn't know vaccines are dangerous, that doesn't mean if they take one willingly and die they are not held responsible. It is their fault for being ignorant, the information is there, you have to research it. Same with sin, the Lord has spoken through the Scriptures, if someone takes the mark of the Beast "without knowing" in the future, it is still a sin unto death for them.

John 15:22 If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloke for their sin.

And granted, we can't know everything, but we should strive for reaching the truth as closely as we can.

John 17:17 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.

Thing is if you reject flat earth or anything really before searching the Scriptures in a honest spirit and then researching more outside the Bible (ideally not the other way around) so that you may see with the Holy Spirit's help if that thing is true or not, you must admit you are responsible for willingly staying in a potential lie, with all consequences that might bring.

I didn't post all those flat earth posts here to force anyone to become a flat earther, but sometimes I wonder if those who refuse to listen is because they haven't taken the time or effort to actually look into it. If they did and still believe in heliocentrism, well, then it's up to them, the LORD will put everything in place in due time. Now if it ends up being a lie, which almost surely it is, they will have to answer before the LORD why they remained stubborn in ignorance, and it is something I'm trying to help the brethren avoid if possible LORD willing, just as I expect the brethren to do with me in whatever I might be wrong.

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The international space stations are real, but are located somewhere on earth - just like NASA and all other "space" branded logo's via countries.


Them shooting off rockets are true too, but the fact of the matter is that they'll never be able to go past the firminant.


NASA/ Other Countries "nasa" [which means to deceive] even stated long ago

from their own "astronauts" stated that they were not able to go past the firminant, there were no "Stars" when they go up there, and the "earth is flat."

The astronauts who'd speak truth - you could see the others not wanting to back up their statement, and started to feel uncomfortable being near the man who spoke truth. They are Not to speak the truth.


Yet, NASA added in one of their most earlier reports the truth.


People stated that NASA stated such because they had old technology back then and it's better now... but NASA says we cannot rebuild that technology again for it was too advanced???


Wow, nice logic there...

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On 10/5/2020 at 10:26 AM, Saved Repentant Sinner said:

Journalist (and unfortunately a Seventh Day Adventist) Bart Sibrel was interviewing Buzz Aldrin and showed him footage of the Apollo 11 astronauts allegedly faking the shot of the earth with a round window.

Buzz said (and I paraphrase a little), "You think you are going to become famous for this? What an ego you must have to want to propel yourself like this."

(How would he get famous and propel himself if he's wrong?).

And then Buzz said, "Take it up with the administrators of NASA. We were just passengers on a flight."

(The pilot of the Apollo 11 lunar module referred to himself as a "passenger on a flight?")

On a later occasion Bart asked Buzz to put his hand on a Bible and swear on the Bible he walked on the moon. He refused. Bart called him a liar and coward and then Buzz punched Bart in the face. 

See the documentary Astronauts Gone Wild on Youtube.

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It's an NIV (catholic) Bible, but still | They refuse to Swear to God - Hand on Bible that they walked on the moon

One stated, don't ask us | We are Passengers, ask the guy at NASA if we did 🤣



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2 hours ago, Piper LT said:

It's an NIV (catholic) Bible, but still | They refuse to Swear to God - Hand on Bible that they walked on the moon

One stated, don't ask us | We are Passengers, ask the guy at NASA if we did 🤣





So much for the revered hero scientists of the masses...

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