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Reina-Valera 1865 study: Spotting a Spanish Counterfeit

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Hello brethren,

In this study, I am going to teach you how to spot a Spanish counterfeit within SECONDS and only with three simple steps:

1. The cover

2. Publication page

3. Index


- Cover
Pretty straight forward with this one and two things that you need in a actual Bible cover: “Santa Biblia” (Holy Bible) and the name “Reina-Valera” or “1865” (which the number is still conveying Reina-Valera). If a bible does not have those two things, there’s an issue already!!

-Publication page

Pretty self-explantory: if the version has a copyright, than it came from greedy, corrupt and self-glorified no-gooder(s). Cannot be more plain and factual than that.


All Spanish counterfeits change two names of the books of the Bible. The books are “Los Actos de los Apostoles” (The Acts of the Apostles) and “Revelación” (“Revelation”). The corrupted name changes are from Los Actos to “Hechos” and from Revelación to “Apocalipsis.” Also, a rare case that the book “Santiago” (James) was changed to “Jacobo” as a personal preference and only found in the corrupt Purificada.

Casidorio de Reina and Cipriano de Valera always had those names of the books all the way to 1865.

Screenshots of the names from Reina’s Bible (1569) known as “Biblia del Oso” (Bear Bible) 




Valera’s revision of the Bear Bible which is known as la Biblia del Cantaro (1602).



The revisor Dr. Ángel Herrera de Mora preserving the names from Reina and Valera. Screenshot of the 1st edition of the RV186539F1F916-922B-450A-BE9E-623D1224D59D.thumb.jpeg.e582502bb3d6cdc6df6f06980475338a.jpeg

The rare case of the name change in the corrupt Putrefacta from Santiago to “Jacobo” is the following: according to Robert Breaker in his website rrb3, the name Santiago is Catholic and supposedly a story (rumor) that there were old Catholics writings that had “San Jacobo.” There is proof that the name Santiago is not Catholic at all and shows that this man is a complete fraud and does not know the old Castilian Spanish. If Reina and Valera have Santiago, then why change it? Simply, it is the sake to promote his Spanish bible.

According to a reliable etymology Spanish source, Santiago is a old Castilian name and use to be written as San Iago.



La interesante historia del origen de la palabra SANTIAGO. Aquí explicamos de dónde viene la palabra Santiago.

Screenshots as well that Reina and Valera have Santiago as the book name 

Reina 1569


Valera 1602


I hope and pray that this study has been a great blessing to you. Thank you all and taking the time to read it through.

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