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Fluoridation safe or dangerous?

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For 4 years, I have researched this topic of water fluoridation. A book I have read was, "The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There"

it seems to have sound arguments, and the more I search the more I believe that fluoridation is harmful. It gets very confusing when you have health organizations that are countering those claims, however from what I learned with any subject, for any argument there will exist a counter argument, for every theory there will exist an anti-theory.

I myself am choosing not to have fluoride in my system, and I think if your local water supply is fluoridated there are filters that can remove them from your water. 

Just curious on what conclusions you came up with on this topic.


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Putting any additive into the public drinking water on a large scale for the purpose of affecting public health (dental in this case) is absurd on it's face.

Fluoride can apparently be incredibly difficult to remove from water, from what I've read a reverse osmosis system that is in perfect condition can filter some / most? of it But RO filters can be damaged by chlorine (also added to public drinking water) if the pre-filters are not properly kept up.

Back when I researched the topic it seemed the most reasonable solution for personal use was water distillation (while adding back in some good minerals for taste / health once distilled).

But I called my local water people and they said the water here has no added fluoride, also the water here is reported / tested to be of very good quality (clean, safe) naturally; so haven't been too motivated to actually buy a distiller and start with that yet.

The distiller I was looking at was around $400

RO systems were around $300 but needed regular filter changes.

To totally remove fluoride I think you need some kind of chemical resin filter? (I forgot exactly) but the ones I looked at were quite expensive and didn't last very long.

For a quick solution:

Most coffee shops (at least around here) have RO filters (pure water makes for better coffee / tea apparently) so a good place to get some water on the move.

(Recommend glass bottle)

Many fish / aquarium stores will also have RO systems and provide or sell the water.

(For larger quantities)

Many grocery stores also now have self serve RO water dispensers.

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