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These are all the recommendations that have appeared in this thread
(or anywhere else, if I noticed them) not much sense keeping the list there
as new posts will obscure it, please let me know by private message if anything was missed,
or if anything should be removed or altered, for whatever reason.



Bryan Denlinger:

Main Channel , Backup Channel , Mirror w/ Playlists

Audio only:

KJVMP3 - Audio (two versions of KJV audio)
Bible Baptist Bookstore - Various (Peter Ruckman materials, for purchase)
Hearthis KJV - Audio (Peter Ruckman materials) *may be violating copyright
Baptist Sermons - Audio (Peter Ruckman Set, caution: site contains sermons from others)
Theological Seminars - Audio (Rotating links, change over time)
David Peacock - Sermon Audio
Brian Donovan - Sermon Audio
Danny Castle - Sermon Audio

You Tube + Other:

Brian Harlow - You Tube
Charles Lawson - Sermon Audio , You Tube
(Bryan made this video)
Chick Tracts - You Tube , Website
Hensley - You Tube
Israel Bible Prophecy News - You Tube (says USA is Babylon, consider this playlist)
Jeff Allen - You Tube
King James Bible Studies - You Tube
LastDaysMaze - You Tube
Lorenzo Reyniers - (Dutch) You Tube , Website
Mark Hunter - You Tube
Martin Lloyd Jones - You Tube , Sermon Audio
Matthew Landau - You Tube
Spencer Beebe
- You Tube
(AVBTM) - You Tube , You Tube
Travis - You Tube

Forum Members


Adams Chart of History - $Buy (Bible Timeline Chart)
Adams Chart of History - Image (VERY Large 40,445 x 4,309)
Amazing Bible Timeline - $Buy (Bible Timeline Chart)
Bible Baptist Bookstore - $Buy (Ruckman, Memoirs of a Twentieth-Century Circuit Riding Preacher)
Bible Baptist Bookstore - $Buy (Ruckman, Soulwinning)
Bible Baptist Bookstore - $Buy (Bible Mountain Poster / Banner)
David Hoffman - $Buy (Common Man's Reference Bible)
Magnetic Scripture Signs - $Buy (Magnetic Signs, Road Signs, Hats, Shirts)
Sword Searcher - $Buy (KJV Bible Program)
Way of Life Encyclopedia - $Buy (Bible and Christianity Reference)


Daily Bible and Prayer - Software (create a customized Bible reading plan)
Bible Analyzer - Software (Free KJV bible program)
E-Sword - Software (Free KJV bible program)
theWord - Software (Free KJV bible program)
MemorizeHisWord - Software (Memorization software)
Fellowship Tract League - Website (Tracts can be downloaded or $Buy)
Final Fight Bible Radio - Website (Various Resources)
King James Bible Society - Website (KJV Bible w/ Scourby Audio)
Mitchell Johnston - Website (Various Resources)
SCETI Library - Website (Scans of original 1611 KJV)
Xiphos - Software (Bible study application, Linux, Windows)
PopVerse - Chrome Extension , Website (Bible references on nearly any web page, to KJV)

Cell Phones:

Play Store - App (KJV Bible)


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For new items let me know by private message; 
or make a post in the original thread here - link.

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