What's the main difference between a spirit and a soul?  



I was just curious about what is the main difference between the two. I understand some things there are different such as a person could have many spirits, either by possessed with devils (Matthew 4:24) or Christians who have the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:13) but people could only have one soul. I have been trying to find some examples so I can better explain the Godhead, what makes up who we are and how it all connects. I ask of any brother or sister that more information if you can please share it, I will be thankful for it. If you also have pictures explaining it, it is fine to show it as well, but as long if it isn't some catholic picture depicting the Godhead. 👍 

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Bryan had a good video on that today, perhaps you saw it already; if not:

Here is an older (audio only) "Body, Soul, Spirit"


Thanks 👍


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