Sinless christians?  



I believe Brother Jeremy Carter over at new channel name Huskey394xp2.0 did a rebuttal video on this guy! as I had sent him, I believe this very same video and he had said he already did a vid on this perfect fellow! 🙂

Looking for it. I hate this. Need to read the word more, because I am too vulnerable to heresy. 


I rebuked the heretick on his own channel twice and did a small video about him as well some months ago. He refuses to take correction period. Even in the comments of his videos most of the people commenting it seems are rebuking him and showing how he is wrong and he will not listen. 1 John 1:8-10 destroys the liars stance.

I thought it was just that simple. But, because I am fairly new at this, I erroneously think “I MUST be missing something”. Is there no period/ process of sanctification? He made it sound as if : If you can go 10 minutes without sinning, you can go indefinitely. Ok... I see the futility of that and am tempted to give up (because I know ME). I gotta get to the point where: God said it; that settles it. 

Is your video available?

I still have the two videos on my channel. 

video 1: 

video 2: 

If I recall, the videos aren't too in depth, but they really don't need to be. As I said 1 John 1:8-10 destroys the heresy of sinless perfection. Anyone that uses the other verses in 1 John that could show sinless perfection if taken out of context do so by not talking about the imputation of the righteousness of Christ Jesus. Bryan did a video about that as well. Here is the link to that video, his is far more detailed than mine. 

Amen! Brothew Matthew!

You can check this one off mod.

The videos were good. But, more effective was my reading of 1st Corinthians chapter 5 today. One more step. If I have specific incidents like this, which I can call forward in the future, I will be less vulnerable to heresy. 

Thanks gentlemen 


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