Is the Cross a cursed symbol?  



Deu 21:23

"(...for he that is hanged is accursed of God;) THAT THY LAND BE NOT DEFILED.." 

So would having a cross or a picture/ drawing of a cross bring a curse to a home? I ask only because it says "That thy land be not defiled".. I know this ties up with Galatians 3:13, and a study that Bryan did over at KJVM says that crossing yourself curses yourself (obviously the Catholics do that) but is the Cross in general a cursed symbol? Bryan also pointed out that the Cross (t) is for tammuz, he mentions that on his video about the Amish witchcraft Pt 2 if I'm not mistaken.

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I never had a cross displayed in my house, so I can't say I felt convicted to remove it since I never had one in the first place, but strangely I was never appealed to get one for my home. Instead I went and bought some blank frames and put verses like: "as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15 and "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:5-6 and I intend to make more of these, they make me smile whenever I walk by them, nothing beats the word of God. Praise the Lord.


I really can't give you any particular reason, other than what brother Bryan has gone over. I came under conviction about this issue on my own and stopped wearing the cross that I had bought. Once things started to come out about it from Bryan and Sally, before I found out about her issues (false convert) I took the cross necklace I had and threw it away. I do not recommend anyone watch anything from Sally. I used to have a bible that had a cross on the spine as well. I sent that to a friend in LA though. There are no crosses in my home, no pictures of "jesus" Ceasar Borgia, etc., but there used to be several crosses and one picture of "jesus" as well.Recently I also took down three large frames, each with close to thirty post cards from various areas of Israel, etc. and came under serious conviction about that as well because some of the post cards were of the six remaining columns of the temple of Jupiter and others of the "church of the holy sepulcher", tossed all of that, plus the frames. My bible case has crossed molded into both sides of the zipper pull as well. Just noticed as I type this. I will have to find a replacement case or just take the zipper pull off and get a replacement online for it. As I said, I personally have a very strong conviction about this, and then Bryan and Sally coming out with those videos as well as my own research just bolstered that conviction. If I have the time I will have to go back and watch brother Bryan's video on the subject again.

I will say that I see this as a non issue and not something to divide over. The Bible is silent when it comes to the subject of an "empty cross". I was convicted about this personally so I stopped and got rid of them from my home, but another brother or sister may not be convicted of it.

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Thank you Matthew for telling us for that Sally's video. I removed my empty cross from my bedroom.
What video of Bryan you were referring to, any links ?


Update brethren, I just got rid of the sign, I was reading a book and got led to Deu 7:25-26 and it sure was an eye opener... The Lord delt with my heart... In context it's talking about the children of Israel about idols etc, but the Lord convicted me.. 


"Neither shalt thou bring an abomination into thine house, lest thou be a CURSED THING like it..." Deu 7:25-26

So compare that with Gal 3:13 Jesus being made a curse for us... Just to be on the safe side, anything with a cross, I'm just going to stay clear of.. thanks for the Link as well  brother Marijo!

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I just talked to my husband Jeremy about this. The verse says, ...."cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree". So the Catholic symbol of the crucifix, where Jesus is still on the cross, is wrong to have that. However, an empty cross is the showing "It is Finished", and is not a symbol of a curse but New Life In Jesus. Please don't listen to Heal and Restores channel for biblical advice. She has a false testimony and Jeremy has gone over this several different times in his podcast why she is not saved.  

That's the reason i didn't want to put Sally's video links here.
I don't know much about Sally, i heard about some here some doctrinal issues. I was warned by one brother not to trust her.


Thanks for bringing this up, I had the Lord convict me about a picture of "Jesus" in my house that I've always had a problem with, even just turning it away on my shelf. So I took it out of my house and destroyed it, I believe it being a graven image and also a graven image of part of the Godhead. So there's a couple things wrong with a graven image of Jesus, I believe.


Thanks brother Matthew, I too bought a cross necklace but threw it away a long time ago. I  have a scripture sign in my house that says "Only one way Jesus Christ" and it has a picture of Calvary at the bottom, you know the three crosses. Just want to make sure that crosses aren't a cursed symbol. I really like the sign, but I will be willing to toss it out.


I just watched Sally's video here is a article from that video. I feel convicted now. I have a empty cross as a profile picture on YouTube chanel  and i have a empty cross in my room.


That's was my first thought Amy, verse "...cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree..." is referring to the crucifix . You are right. 
Here is definition of word  "cursed".

CURSED: Devoted to destruction.
Thou art cursed from the earth. Genesis 4:11.
Are we devoted for destruction as a bible believing saved Christians? Yes, God can destroy our bodies, but will he do that because of empty cross in our homes ? 

That doesn't change the fact that wooden empty cross is man made object.
Yes, it empty cross represents the victory (God was taken down from the cross, he was placed in a tomb, angels came and removed the stone from the tomb, not because Jesus could come out, but because we could "come into the tomb" and believe. )

I never had any desire to wear a empty cross around my neck, because: 
everybody does it and everybody can do it: porn actresses when they shooting a scene, rock singers, people in KKK ...etc
Even in my lost life I find it curious why Axl Rose is wearing a empty cross around his neck ? I always wondered what does mean to him. Knowing that he love do drugs and fornicate etc ... Maybe he votes for republican party ?
and i find it unnecessary: Will I be more protected by God wearing that cross ? Will I be more used by God wearing empty cross ? Answer is NO.

I removed my empty cross because from my bedroom because:
Will your home be more protected by God with empty cross on your wall ? NO.
I never looked on my empty cross in bedroom as a part of testimony, because is not. It's just a man made object, I even sinned many times in that bedroom with that cross in it. It's unnecessary. Will you get more rewards on judgment seat of Christ for that cross in my bedroom ? NO.

Cross in bible have always symbolic meaning. Symbol of God's sacrifice and submitting to God's will.

My final point is. You can use wooden empty cross to mock God (his sacrifice). If you are in position to do that, that should be red alarm for all of us. 

I already said my reasons why i removed my empty cross from bedroom and why i don't wear cross around my neck. Will we cursed with that empty cross in our homes ? I don't know. I believe, we are NOT.
Please point out in scripture where it says it is a CURSE to have empty cross in my home ? Or "protestant flag" with red cross on it.
Please don't let this conversation go in "Bryan say so .. direction". I am interesting in  this subject.


I felt convicted several years ago about wearing a cross necklace. Not because it was jewelry, but because the lost world wears them all the time and I don't want to be united with the false converts. We do have a Christian flag that was given as a gift with a cross on it. No, I don't believe it is a curse to have an empty cross. 

The main part of the reasoning behind my decision about a cross was much the same. I see lost sinners on their ways to the fire all over the place and the wickedest of the whole bunch are the ones most likely to be wearing a cross around their necks. You see world famous “music” artists doing much the same and they have the audacity to thank God for their wealth, He has nothing to do with that mess, the god of this world did however. I feel almost the same about being called a Christian, millionsnof dead reprobates still walk around and claim to be a Christian, I don’t want to be associated with their brand, but the world doesn’t understand the distinctions, it is all the same to them.


I have believed that the cross is a cursed symbol for a while now, but this convicted me to change my profile picture. I agree with Amy that the empty cross is different and was kinda on the fence about it... but I zoomed in on my previous profile picture and saw that there was a small body outline on the three crosses. That sure needed to go!

In the 80’s I was a teenager. Madonna was big then. And yes, she wore a cross. Many worldly artists do the same as a fashion statement rather than a statement of faith. 


When I got saved, I remember the “cross in my pocket” and its purpose- “...when I reach into my pocket, to pull out a coin or a key, the cross is there to remind me: of what my Savior did for me”. I like empty crosses. 


Although, I understand why someone wouldn’t want to imitate what the world does (wear/hang crosses), I have a slightly different take.


I’m taking it back, and God knows my heart. When I was into painting, I loved painting rainbows and blending the colors. I wasn’t making political statements and certainly not advocating the sodomite lifestyle (at the time I was young and innocent of that knowledge). The rainbow was a symbol of God’s promise. Popular culture took it and perverted the meaning.


But the rainbow is not theirs. And neither is the cross. 


Remove your crosses. I respect your reasons for doing so. As for me. I didn’t move. The culture did. I’ll keep my cross and rainbow. 

I see what you're saying Steve, and I respect that. Let me clarify that I did not choose to remove the picture because of the pop culture, but because Galatians 3:13 says that the cross was a curse. The law was a curse too (Gal. 3:10), but I delight in the law of God after the inward man (Rom. 7:22). Without Christ, the law and the cross are both altogether unprofitable. Salvation appeared unto all men through the cross, which is the power of God and that in which I glory (1st Cor. 1:17-18; Gal. 6:14). I changed my profile pic because it had a small outline of bodies on the three crosses (the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ is empty) and because it is all about the Saviour that endured the cross, not the cross itself.

I'm not saying you don't feel the same. As you said, just my reasons for doing so.


I have no crosses, nor pictures of that "whomever". I appreciate this conversation.


New thoughts on this:


Graven images. Does an empty cross symbol really fall into that category? In one of my comments, I brought up “the cross in my pocket” example. It is a physical object in my pocket that serves as a reminder when I go into my pocket for something else. Does it more closely line up with Joshua commanding the Israelites to make a pile of 12 stones after they crossed the Jordan River?  The purpose was a visible physical reminder. 


Early on I thought about it, went so far as to order a small block of olive-tree wood from Jerusalem, and was going to carve my own, ended up not doing it and burning the block of wood out of conviction.

As stated by others even if it was ok (not cursed) the lost world displays it all too often, and I don't want to be associated in that way. For a short while I thought maybe ill add 1611, or KJV to the cross to differentiate myself, but as I said just ended up burning the wood.

Also notice the trend of people (usually young girls) wearing two crosses together (the satanic 'double-cross' symbol?) And wearing a cross so it hangs horizontally.

Let alone the crucifix, that always bothered me even before beginning to learn what the Catholics were up to.


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