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If you wish to make a donation to King James Video Ministries, you must realize that your donation is a "gift" and is NOT tax deductible. This ministry is NOT a 501c3 organization.


Your donation will go towards the expenses of producing more videos and sermons. Here is a small list of the items which must be purchased on a regular basis to make this ministry possible:

1. Blank Printable DVDs and CDs.

2. DVD and CD cases.

3. Paper for DVD covers.

4. Ink for three different printers.

5. Royalty Free Music CDs. (Some of which can cost over $150.00!)

6. Animation Software.

7. Movie and Photo Software.

8. Cameras. (Both Video and regular Digital still cameras)

9. Shrink Wrap Bags and Equipment for packaging the DVDs and CDs.

10. A NEVER-Ending supply of Books and Research Materials!

11. Lighting for Shooting Video.

12. Computers. (Both of mine are older.)

ALL of our materials are Copyright-free. We aren't trying to get rich! Our main desire is, and has always been, to show people the truth according to God's Holy word, the King James Version. This ministry relies on sales of DVDs and contributions from people who have been blessed, to fund future projects.

Donate online with PayPal:


You can also send a check made payable to "Bryan Denlinger" to our ministry's Post Office Box:

King James Video Ministries

P.O. Box 335

Bridgewater, ME 04735

Thank you for your interest in supporting this ministry!

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