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  2. So made the edit's, final draft / finished if there are no other suggestions: Adobe File: Church.ai Printable PDF (use border-less printing): Church.pdf
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  4. My throat is feeling a lot better! Thank you all very much
  5. A building that is called a "Church" becomes pagan for the "Church" are those apart of the Body of Christ.
  6. This is an incredibly good sermon. Are we allowed to post these? I believe Peter Ruckman and Robert Militello were friends. I don't know where Don Nesbitt gets these from. Does Militello pastor a church or something? Would love to listen to more of his stuff.
  7. I have a book called "Health through Gods pharmacy" and there is a herb called small flowered willow-herb. you can make a tea out of it. It says that it grows between strawberries, vegetables, and flowers. stinging nettle tea is really good too for bladder trouble. It says in this book that Willow herb can cure disorders of the prostate gland. Might be worth it to try finding some, you can even look online if you can't find fresh and make tea and get him to drink it daily. There are different species of this herb and the ones with the small flowers are the most potent. colors are redish, pale-pink to almost white. I have another book that is called "Herbally yours" and it mentions Bee pollen, BUchu, Chaparral, Damiana, Echinacea, Garlic, Ginseng, Golden seal, Juniper, Kelp, Parsley, Queen of the Meadow, Rosemary, Saw Palmetto, and Uva Ursi. VItamins: B,C,E Minerals: Zinc
  8. Found this book: " YOur body can Heal Itself " Prostate Cancer, Fiber = Whole-wheat bread, wheat bran, figs, flaxseed Lycopene = Tomatoes, watermelon, sweet red peppers, grapefruit Omega-3 = Salon, sardines, trout Selenium = Brazil nuts, mushrooms, shrimp, salmon, oatmeal Vitamin E = Spinach, almonds, asparagus
  9. Robot Check WWW.AMAZON.COM Found this book on selves, found few others too. Really cool.
  10. A Call To Judgment
  11. You did not offend, was stating in general. Thank you too. I used MyHeritage first, then FamilyTreeDNA. - Both are, "the only companies of the big four that send DNA tests to Russia and Ukraine." - I learned not many Russians get DNA tests, but they are willing to aid in searching for family in you contact them online, which is fantastic. - - Reasons why Russians Don't do DNA Testing: DNA Testing | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Russia RU.USEMBASSY.GOV DNA Testing Procedures DNA testing analyzes the genetic material present in human cells and has been found to be over 99 percent accurate in verifying family relationships such as: parent/child, brother/sister, etc. The... Genetic studies on Russians - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Russians' DNA taken by foreign agents, Kremlin says WWW.BBC.COM Russia says it wants to know why foreign labs are collecting and analysing Russians' DNA. My first test had some blood on the swab because I went past a minute turning the swap.
  12. Where did you get your DNA test done? That is cool.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE7T768DHsnCuBsMkgUC6r-6Bwf1IWhow Free Movies - My Movies List: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE7T768DHsnART7eQmCSVd_x6rM19U1KE
  14. Reading the articles now. Thanks for sharing. Sorry if I might have offended you or anyone else, I didn't intend to.
  15. I have access to their Netflix but I don't even watch it anymore, haven't in a month or two. I am trying to overcome watching secular movies.
  16. My mother, but sister especially, pay for Netflix. I have told my mom countless times about the perversion, and she knows. But my sister seems to still want to pay for it. It's not my business at that point. My mom watches TV a lot with her dogs as well, they're innocent.
  17. Very true. I tried telling my mother of such accords, and at first, she defended Netflix with not knowing - Then, with me telling her such is worse when the actual release came forth, she did not care. She uses Netflix a lot supposedly, especially for the dogs.
  18. Special needs aren't always one form of "disability" form. - Least what I think. - I am labeled special needs because of learning difficulties and speech - Plus, I got tagged with autism/ add last year. I learned that people like to label (diagnosed) people with words. -> ( I Learned this earlier this year by Denlinger). Jesus Saves. - Understanding Myself - Page 3 - Wattpad WWW.WATTPAD.COM Page 3 Read Understanding Myself from the story Jesus Saves. by Dawn_LT with 24 reads. changedlife, jesussaves, christiancommunity. - I can become anxious when... - - At the end of the writing above, I tell one to think for themselves. This one is a bit about me - Correlates a bit into the "Understanding Myself" story too. Jesus Saves. - Not Russian? Then What? - Wattpad WWW.WATTPAD.COM Read Not Russian? Then What? from the story Jesus Saves. by Dawn_LT with 16 reads. jesussaves, changedlife, christiancommunity. I have had thoughts of my birth... I Am Russian for I was born there, but overall the results were just: - East European, with a hint of Finnish. + I know the test isn't dead on for it is only 1 section of DNA that they check via saliva. However, East Euro doesn't mean Russian since I've looked at other folks tests before that state " Russian" or At least Highlighted Russia while mine Highlighted what is known as "East European." - Interesting. - Though, as many Russian stated before - I may not look Russian, but if I was born in Russia, then I am Russian. - This one also Correlates into -> "Understanding Myself" Jesus Saves. - Valentina Vladimirovna Letavina (ლეტავინა?) - Wattpad WWW.WATTPAD.COM Read Valentina Vladimirovna Letavina (ლეტავინა?) from the story Jesus Saves. by Dawn_LT with 8 reads. christiancommunity, changedlife, jesussaves. Not going to... I met a family member of mine, which is cool, and she has helped me a lot to track down at least - Maybe - my mother. She and I look so alike, too; it is Crazy. - Was a Cool finding, for I found a third to Fourth cousin who looks a bit like me. We have a great grandfather in relation.
  19. No one is standing up correlating to CA Laws - However, People are canceling their Netflix accounts and payments due to Cuties - Yet ignoring all other topics/ area/ etc. Then there are others who support all the above/ the netflix / etc. etc.
  20. Most probably. Weak-brained, low-intelligence, or "special needs".
  21. Yeah, California is trying to legalize pedophilia saying that it discriminates LGBT youth. Sick. Disgusting perversion. It should be revenged, not allowed and fostered. Let God's judgment come upon this country if we do nothing to stop this kind of stuff 🙂
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