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  3. I will have to try a dandelion salad soon. I do like the tea however. So good for the liver!
  4. @TriTaylor Dandelion (eating the flower) by itself was quite bland and neutral, maybe very slightly bitter. Would likely not even notice adding the petals into a salad but I just ate them whole. Just have to be sure they're not growing in contaminated (chemically treated / fertilized) soil or by the road etc I have grown to like the taste of the dandelion root tea, one of my favorite teas's right now. - - - - - - - Hah, you were the wise one, it certainly has stinging in the name for a reason!
  5. I also just purchased a California foraging book. I see dandelions all over as well. How did they taste? 😊 My family and I went for a hike last week. For practice, I brought along the book to see if I could identify anything from my week or two of study. So, I found a plant which I was pretty positive was stinging nettle but didn't want to find out for sure 😏. My mom didn't believe me when I said that they actually do sting. Well, she decided to test it out and was hurting for several hours. Haha my little brother still didn't think the sting would be that bad and disobeyed my mom and I. He picked up the whole plant and brought it to us. He learned the hard lesson of the consequences of disobedience...it just showed me to be extra careful when forgaing for wild edibles!
  6. @Vancouver Very impressive spread sheet. I tried keto for the last 2 years. It was great at first and my allergies, eczema and a lot of other stuff was healed. Thank the Lord! A lot of the concepts are great like eating more animal fats, cutting out sugar and throwing out the garbage processed food. Though, a few months ago I felt the Lord telling me to go down a different eating path. I was starting to get obsessive with cutting out food groups and not thanking the Lord for all the food he has created for me to eat. 1 Timothy 4:4-5 KJV Praise the Lord that it is working for you! I'm always overjoyed when someone is giving their all to the Lord even with their health/diet. I still keep some of the keto rules but have started to make real sourdough bread, enjoying more fruit and adding super foods to my day ( Maca, cinnamon, turmeric, reishi mushroom powder and Camu Camu). I highly recommend the pumpkin spice smoothie Brother Bryan posted on his channel a year ago. My moms arthritis in her knees is so much better!! To add to the book recommendations on this thread haha. I purchased Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon a few years ago. She gives recipes for traditional fermented food like sourdough, Sauerkraut, Kefir, bone broth and so much more. Her book is based on Weston A. Price's study on native people who eat traditional foods from their region. These people have no heart disease, cancer, diabetes and their teeth are perfectly straight with zero cavities. Once they introduce western processed food to the people, all these diseases become rampant among them. @Adam MooreI second the idea for a food section. I have zero experience with computer programming but I would be willing to help with designing the section. If the Lord would have me do it. I will pray over it. If the Lord and you say yes, I'm ready. Jesus Christ gave me a real passion for health and researching how to take care of the body.The Body of Christ needs to be healthy and ready for everything that is coming and to be a better testimony for our Lord Jesus Christ.
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  8. I really hope so too but people that I talk to just don't want to hear it. They would rather live in fear. So sad to see all the evil in this world and the deception. I pray daily my family will be saved before the Lord calls us up.
  9. Great news! My Mom was able to get licensed without me being immunized. I won't be able to help with the kids though. We are praying about moving to another state or at least out of our current city further into the country. Thank you all for prayering. The Lord really strengthened me to stand firm and fight this craziness.
  10. It's pretty bad... Another option we are discussing is possibly demolishing the upper floor, and trying to repair the first floor? Not sure if this would be a good idea or not.
  11. I've seen quite a few Jason Lisle videos and I think he's a smart man. Can't say if there are good reasons to avoid him. Maybe someone else knows. Used to enjoy Kent Hovind until I saw his interview with the Andersnake.
  12. Thank you to all who prayed for this day! :)
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  14. I think they are scared because those 2/10 are so vocal about why we shouldn’t take it. Prayer is definitely essential especially at the moment
  15. Yes sir. If vaccines don't end up being mandatory by government, it'll be by employers I'd say. What bothers me the most about it is if 8 out of 10 people decide to be vaccinated, why can't the other 2 choose not to be? Aren't those 2 only risks to themselves? Those 8 are "safe" now... But that doesn't fit their plan, so logic will be thrown out again I'd say, and most people will agree with that "logic" sadly. Prayer in these times are essential to the Lord getting us through.
  16. As someone living in Australia I have to say it’s scary seeing the news of masks forced on Americans. We aren’t there yet but I can definitely see us heading that way. the scariest part however seems to be how dogmatic governments appear to be that you take a vaccine that isn’t even invented yet. Thank the Lord for his protection over us especially in these days
  17. "gospel of ......." Matthew 4:23 - gospel of the kingdom, Matthew 9:35 - gospel of the kingdom, Matthew 24:14 - gospel of the kingdom Mark 1:1 - gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God; Mark 1:14 - gospel of the kingdom of God, Acts 20:24 - gospel of the grace of God. Romans 1:1 - gospel of God, Romans 1:9 - gospel of his Son, Romans 1:16 - gospel of Christ: Romans 10:15 - gospel of peace, Romans 15:16 - gospel of God, Romans 15:19 - gospel of Christ. Romans 15:29 - gospel of Christ. 1 Corinthians 9:12 - gospel of Christ. 1 Corinthians 9:18 - gospel of Christ 2 Corinthians 4:4 - gospel of Christ, 2 Corinthians 9:13 - gospel of Christ, 2 Corinthians 10:14 - gospel of Christ: 2 Corinthians 11:7 - gospel of God Galatians 1:7 - gospel of Christ. Galatians 2:7 - gospel of the uncircumcision Ephesians 1:13 - gospel of your salvation: Ephesians 6:15 - gospel of peace; Philippians 1:27 - gospel of Christ: 1 Thessalonians 2:2 - gospel of God 1 Thessalonians 2:8 - gospel of God 1 Thessalonians 2:9 - gospel of God. 1 Thessalonians 3:2 - gospel of Christ, 2 Thessalonians 1:8 - gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ: 1 Timothy 1:11 - gospel of the blessed God, 1 Peter 4:17 - gospel of God? "according to my gospel" Romans 2:16 Romans 16:25 2 Timothy 2:8 "(an)other gospel" 2 Corinthians 11:4 Galatians 1:8-9
  18. Good morning, I just watched one of Bryan's videos answering a letter...and was a little surprised to hear him say there is no Gospel of Grace. What is the proper term for the gospel that Paul taught? I have seen it referred to elsewhere as the Gospel of Grace, Gospel of Christ, and the Gospel of God. Are all of them wrong? I have created some brief topical slides to post on FB & elsewhere (along with Bryan's salvation video), in an attempt to share the gospel. But I have been using the term Gospel of Grace, which I thought was correct. I am attaching them here for review for anyone who has the time & is a dispensational KJ Bible believer. I would like to be confident they are correct & effective tools to share the gospel, so please identify any errors or opportunities for improvement you may see. Thanks in advance, JLewis Update: After re-reading the scriptures below, I see Paul referred to his gospel as "the Gospel of God" so I will change the title of my slides accordingly. It would still be good to get feedback on the slides though...if anyone has time. Thanks again.
  19. The homepage has always seemed a bit clunky to me. The formatting makes it difficult to read and find where one entry ends and another begins. However, the "All Activity" page you placed under the videos header recently displays very nicely. If there is a way you could place that nicely formatted page as the homepage, I think that would be good. In addition to that though, I'd like to see a short introductory paragraph for the website just explaining the ministry and its purpose, or simply a short description of what the website has to offer. So maybe, place a nice image (of a Bible, nature, pretty font for a verse of scripture) and I think it would make the homepage look nice and also be welcoming and informative. So, in technical terms, you'd have the welcome paragraph static, while the "All Activity" below is dynamic. I picture the "All Activity" table only half way down the page where it's still visible on page load. I'm picturing something like this in my head (you should understand and get the idea): <!--Begin Static Table for Welcome Paragraph--> <table> <img src="..." alt="Pic of Bible, Nature, etc."> <p>Introductory paragraph, what the website has to offer for new users, other things</p> </table> <!--End Static Table--> <br/> <!--Begin Dynamic Recent Activity Table--> <table> <div> ...Dynamic activity displayed here... </div> </table> I like the recent videos, blogs, forums stats off to the side. Keep those and anything else similar. I don't have any suggestions for the previous categories (Research, Health, Homeschool), but I think it would be best to keep all downloadable material related to those, and any others, on the download page here, rather than scattered across the website where things may be harder to find and even valuable content missed. A simple link on those pages to the material here would work I would think. Some categories to start: Tracts & Flyers King James Defense, e.g. Bryan's compilation of NIV/KJV changes, etc. Doctrines - I'd really like to see an elder in the Church compile staple doctrines taught of different subjects into a word document with scripture references. I think this would be very beneficial to the body of Christ as one can always have these handy and refer to them. (Don't want to get too far off track here, this blog is about web development, just wanted to be clear in what I mean by a "Doctrines" category). Health (nutritional charts, different proven diet guides) Homeschooling (lessons, etc.) Reading Plans Yes. Great idea. Here's a few categories (tags) you could start with: Dispensationalism, Eternal Security, Godhead, Church Buildings, House Church, Time of Jacob's Trouble, Antichrist, Mark of the Beast, Wolves, False Brethren, Heretical Teachings, Q&A, Livestreams, Letters, Salvation, Catching Up, Testimonies, Expository Studies Wow! Wonderful idea. Hmmm... I could make this in Excel or Word with VBA to display a user form they could fill out and have it automatically format to the paper, but that is only a local solution. Getting this to work through the web? Yeah, no idea. My only guess would be to place a series of textboxes on the webpage with a character count restriction, the user submits their content and its populated on a pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet. How Excel retrieves this info from the web, and then also sends back the result to the user? No idea - don't even know if it's possible to do. I'll think about it more because I really like this idea - creating tracts are time consuming much of the time and there's potential for a huge variety of different tracts that could be made quite quickly with this idea. I have these files, with the exception of SQL, saved on the computer here that I downloaded from the old website. I never looked at the text, so I couldn't tell you if it's altered.
  20. Work to be done on the website before the official launch and video announcement. I'm finishing up some back-end items, working on the website rules and privacy policy, registering a DMCA safe harbor agent (To protect the website from copyright claims), tweaking the videos section, and have some work to do on the menus among many other things. I want to finish some of the items below before the official launch as well, but I am pretty constrained on time working on the back-end. If anyone would like to help out with planning these features, writing categories, and descriptions, or in any other way, it'd be greatly appreciated. This list is what I've put together so far, I'm probably missing some things, and some of the ideas need further refining. So if you see something that I forgot or something you think should be here, please let me know. I'm open to any suggestions, recommendations, or ideas. The Homepage I have the homepage set to display the most recent topics with new activity. Is there a more functional/better use for the homepage? Research Dashboard I've been thinking of building a "research dashboard" page of sorts. I know we all do quite a bit of research into all kinds of subjects. It would be nice to have a central place to create research projects, store information, links, pictures, pdfs, view and take notes, and even make tools to help the community with researching. I've still in the planning phase of this project, but have started to consider the following; What information do you use when researching a subject? How can this information be saved and then presented in a way that would be useful(topics, posts, database entries, links, notes, file/picture uploads)? What tools would help in general research/study? I'd to know what everyone thinks about this idea, would it be useful and should I build it? If you like the idea, what would you like to see in your research dashboard? Health, Food, Nutrition. I'd love to build a healthy living/eating section if someone wanted to take the lead on designing what that section should look like and how it should be structured. I could put it all together. We'd need to figure out what pages or databases we want, Food, Recipes, Keto Tracker, Home Remedies, Medicinal Plants and Mushrooms, etc. We'd need custom fields for the databases. For example, for the Medicinal Plants database, do we need fields for the common name, botanical name, description, medicinal uses, warnings, recommended dose, etc. We can have record feeds from databases and forums as well, so if we had a Healthy Living page, we could have feeds on that page from the recipe database, the medicinal plants, a private forum, a links database, and so on. Categories and descriptions would need to be written, and we could add anything else that might be useful to the Body of Christ as well. Homesteading, Homeschooling. Same as above. Downloads Categories and subcategories need to be created for things the body of Christ might need, KJV Bibles, Tracts, Public domain documents (Random References, the Wescott and Hort letters, for example), general PDF's, and so on. I think once the categories are in place, the downloads section will become quite useful. Videos It'd be nice to sort Bryan's videos by subject matter or create playlists of some sort. We could also tag videos(really anything), and then create feeds based on tags throughout the website. Similar content could be shown on topics, the research dashboard, alongside study pages, etc. This will be a big time-consuming project in itself, but I think it would help the ministry and have untold rewards for the body of Christ. If someone or multiple people were interested in taking up this project for the body of Christ, I could make a group with permissions to edit all tags. User Submitted Videos We just need some categories and descriptions written here. Bible Study Tools Biblical Glossary Should we have categories(what categories?) or list everything on one page? Bible versions database What categories or custom field would this have? Do we list authors, translators, release dates, publishers, missing verses, corrupted doctrine? Biblical Places database We could use a database to hold the Latitude and Longitude of significant places in the Bible and then feed it into a mapping application to be able to see at a glance where certain places in scripture took place. Bible Bookmarks? Tract creator A tract creator would be nice; I'm not sure how to make this yet, but it's on the wishlist. How to Witness - Database Say to the Mormon's or about the bible version issues. I'm sure we could compile some good information over time, and It'd be nice to have that knowledge base online to refer people to if you're short on time. If any has any ideas on how we could set this up, I'm all ears. KJV Bible Finding good electronic sources for the KJV bible, in any format, PDF, Text, SQL, Word, Bryan has talked before about the altered versions floating around. It would be nice to have a place where anyone could download a good copy. Pew, that took forever to write. Thoughts, Feelings, Ideas, Suggestions?
  21. My challenge to any of my enemies is this; If you have problems with what this ministry preaches and teaches, then write me a letter, and I will address your letter in a video, and answer you from the scriptures.
  22. Thanks for your letter, and the gift you sent. :)
  23. Thank you very much for the lovely letter, and the neat pictures of your family! :)
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