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  2. I've been thinking on this a lot, the first ressurection described in Rev 20. To me it is as though the first ressurection is the 1000 year reign. The gospel is that Jesus rose again the third day, so the third 1000year period after the crucifixion could be classed as the third day. And everyone who is in Christ, part of the body of Christ, at that point 'hath part in the first ressurection'. The burial of Jesus Christ in the gospel. I wondered what others thought was the significance of the burial and Googled it. The first thing that came up was that it served as witness to the death of
  3. Under increasing prescribed doses over the years, my mother took tons of Alprazolam (under commercial name Trankimazin), a benzodiazepine, among a bunch of other things. Real bad outcome...
  4. House Democrats ask Biden to give up sole power to launch nuclear bomb NYPOST.COM Over thirty House Democrats are asking President Biden to consider renouncing his authority to launch nuclear weapons. In a letter sent Tuesday but publicized Wednesday, 31 lawmakers led by Reps. 22 Elderly with Dementia Dead in 1 Week After the Experimental mRNA COVID Injection in the Netherlands HUMANSAREFREE.COM 22 Elderly with Dementia Dead in 1 Week After the Experimental mRNA COVID Injection in the Netherlands
  5. Pilot reports unknown flying ‘object’ in airline audio of close encounter GLOBALNEWS.CA Audio from an American Airlines passenger jet captures the pilot reporting a fast-moving 'object' over New Mexico. US Army Is Building The World's 'Most Powerful' Laser Weapon INTERESTINGENGINEERING.COM The U.S. Army is allegedly building what may be the world's most powerful laser weapon. Read all about it here. Exclusive: Google pledges changes to research oversight after internal revolt | Reuters W
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  7. @Piper LT great selection of headlines and information, thank you sister. Oh that poor teen hunting for vaccine appointments for the elderly, I'm sure he thinks he's doing good, but... if only he knew. If you want another one, here in Spain some regions are about to approve a law that will make the vaccine "mandatory for the greater good" or you will be fined (at best). We're toast. What a sad, mad world. I wonder how much longer will we have to put up with it... I find it so harsh to even think that there could be years until the catching away, I can't even dare imagine where I will
  8. Mental Health–Related Emergency Department Visits Among ... WWW.CDC.GOV This report describes the proportion of children’s mental health-related emergency department visits among all pediatric emergency department visits. - - - - - - - Tianeptine Politics | The Big Pharma Stronghold - TianeptineStore.com TIANEPTINESTORE.COM Tianeptine, Politics and the Pharmaceutical Industry Tianeptine is unique drug with a broad range of possibilities and applications. Not only is it a viable anti-depressant, it’s also used for
  9. Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development | Department of Economic and Social Affairs SDGS.UN.ORG Preamble This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. It also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom. We recognise that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme... Bill Gates roasted for saying rich countries should eat ‘100% synthetic beef’ - MarketWatch WWW.MARKETWATCH.COM This is one step to tackle climate change discussed in the M
  10. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase files to go public WWW.CNN.COM Digital currency exchange Coinbase has officially filed to go public, riding a wave of bitcoin enthusiasm that has sent the cryptocurrency markets soaring. SPLC: At least 160 Confederate symbols taken down in 2020 APNEWS.COM NEW YORK (AP) — When rioters tore through the U.S. Capitol last month, some of them gripping Confederate battle flags, they didn’t encounter a statue of the most famous rebel general, Robert E.... Black Lives Mat
  11. China denies requiring U.S. diplomats to take anal swab tests | Reuters WWW.REUTERS.COM China's foreign ministry denied on Thursday that U.S. diplomats in the country had been required to take anal swab tests for COVID-19, following media reports that some had complained about the procedure. " U.S. media outlet Vice on Wednesday cited a State Department official as saying the test was given in error and that China had said it would stop such tests on U.S. diplomats." - - - - - - - - The Florida official who set up a vaccine site
  12. Yes. That's it. Tnx for reply radorn :) To answer Ryoji's question: We live in counterfeit of John 1:23 " ...Make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Esaias." Making the way straight means preparing or organizing the hearts of the people for the coming of Jesus. Failures and bad results which will come from lockdowns, vaccines, great economical reset, Q-anon, new political conservative leadership etc. are preparing a way for antichrist. Problem, reaction, solution BAD RESULT, final solution. Mankind need to come to the end of itself, then it's heart will be finall
  13. Oh, you meant to say that you think the "authorities" will introduce the mark to the population as if it was some extraterrestrial technology, after having faked an ET contact... OK Since you said you thought the mark "will be some E.T. tech", it seemed as if you were buying into the UFO/ET narratives. You had me worried there, brother. Ant yes, I understand the E.T. abbreviation and I'm aware of project Blue Beam. :)
  14. Project blue beam. What is Project Blue Beam? - Times of India TIMESOFINDIA.INDIATIMES.COM Sunday Times News: Project Blue Beam is a conspiracy theory about a supposed project whose purpose is to create an artificial Second Coming.
  15. ET means extra terrestrials extra terrestrials don't exist. When flying saucer come out from Dulce base on example, people look at it and say "Look those are ET's " . They are programmed to believe those are ET's. Mark of the beast tech won't come out from Mars. It's already here.
  16. Pope Holds 'Sons of Abraham' Prayer Event at Ancient Iraqi Site of Child Sacrifice...With no Jewish Representation WWW.ISRAEL365NEWS.COM The visit also comes a few weeks before the “twenty-fourth day of the first month (Nisan)”, the day on which Daniel had his vision, described in chapter 10, that took place on the Mesopotamian River Tigris " POPE HOLDS ‘SONS OF ABRAHAM’ PRAYER EVENT AT ANCIENT IRAQI SITE OF CHILD SACRIFICE " " Next week, the Pope will hold a service the Vatican has named “Prayer for the sons and daughters of Abraham”. Reuters reported that
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  18. I believe the mark of the beast tech will be some E.T. tech, which will be implemented after fake disclosure. High tech must be required for losing mans free will.Maybe something like a tech presented in this movie; here is the article so you can read a plot. After nanotechnology injection people partially lost their free will in this movie. They could be controlled by A.I. at any moment. Nanotechnology injection is result of them wanted to be healthy. Sorry if I already posted this link or said this before, I really having a problem with keeping track what I said online. It's easier to r
  19. Well... take this with a grain of salt, or a spoon, or a truckload, as they say. Just like with all the COVID scam, I expect the mark of the beast will be introduced as a vital response to some crisis, manufactured or otherwise (there's going to be plenty of real problems by the judgements of God on the earth, so I guess a "healty" mix of reality and propaganda). Not really something that will be introduced in a time of perceived peace for convenience, but a demand of something that "everyone must submit to if we are to get through it", thereby justfying the execution of those that refuse
  20. If the mark of the Beast will be this super "convenient" and "world-changing" technology, it will surely be hyped up and marketed to exhaustion before it actually rolls out. We know that we will be caught up before it is fully implemented and ready to be distributed, but to what extent do you think we will learn about it? Because it would be weird (even if preferable) if we were caught up before the public knew anything about it and then there was this time gap without the mark fully ready but at the same time the body of Christ being gone. I was thinking about the vaccines and how even b
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