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A section for people who primarily speak or read Spanish, or desire to discuss issues that pertain to that language / translation(s).
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  2. Sadly, I don't. I've looked into it a little, but never too seriously. I keep stumbling upon this one called "Diccionario de Uso del Español" (DUE) by a woman called María Moliner, but I have no idea whether it is good or not, nor did I ever find an online version that can be checked. Anyway, WikiPedia has this category for Spanish dictionaries. Should be a good start, I guess. Category:Spanish dictionaries - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Categoría:Diccionarios de español - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre ES.WIKIPEDIA.ORG EDIT:
  3. Yes I know what you mean by that 😄. So far the best etymological dictionaries for Spanish are DRAE, Definiciona and DeChile. I use all three for my studies but, I tend to use DRAE more since it is short, sweet and to the point. Do you know other reliable Spanish dictionaries out there? Perhaps a better one in Spain? Definiciona – Definición y etimología de las palabras DEFINICIONA.COM DECEL - Diccionario Etimológico Castellano en Línea ETIMOLOGIAS.DECHILE.NET Esta página revela la etimología de más de catorce-mil p
  4. Tendré que echarle un vistazo. Claro que nunca he tenido impresora. Si Dios decide salvarme esta vez también, quisiera comprar una. Ya llevo tiempo pensándolo.
  5. I would say it's more of an equivalent to the MODERN Webster's dictionary than the 1828. The Royal Spanish Academy has always been a catholic operation since the beginning, and they even operate as an order. While the Webster's 1828 is praised among KJV believers as based on scripture, in the DRAE, the definitions of all words relating to the bible or "christianity" are always defined from a Catholic point of view, and if that view differs from the Bible, they have no problem with that. In this case, that meaning of "Divinidad" is good and doesn't seem to be tainted by catholicism. But,
  6. Adjunto un folleto que hice sobre salvación en español, se puede colgar en alguna pared para que sea leído o coger las Escrituras y hacer panfletos. También traduje el esquema de Bryan en su vídeo sobre Élites Globalistas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8wzHKpUibs En un PDF está el esquema, en otro los versos que menciona. Compartid libremente!! Esquema élites Escrituras.pdfposter salvación.pdfEsquema élites Bryan.pdf
  7. Not that you 'muricans will know them too much, but these are TV channels here in Spain much like your ABC, CBS, FOX etc...
  8. I have a List on YT of just Testa's Big List: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE7T768DHsnAbI13rgWfTMJpB9zV4H1lt
  9. Very beautiful testimony, but I hope that they didn't convert to Catholicism! Still it's so heartwarming to see a Jew embracing Jesus and the Lord showing them how he is truly the Messiah they have always been waiting for. Praise the Lord!
  10. Thank you brother! Praise the Lord who has given me that ability, I feel I should put it in use to serve Him, and it is a shame people who don't know English don't get Bryan's and other brethren's great content. Anyone feel free to reupload!!
  11. You are a great translator brother. I like the fact that you payed attention to every detail from brother Bryan’s sermon.
  12. I am glad you pointed out the time stamp @Vancouver which definitely proves what I am going to say next here. Brother Ángel Herrera de Mora, the revisor of the RV1865, did exactly what brother Bryan said when he revised Valera’s 1602. The following time stamps from brother Bryan’s video about that claim are 22:13, 22:43-23:02. Brother de Mora used the KJV as a reference tool (and not for translation from English to Spanish). “They had followed the English text as far as idiom would permit”-Margaret T. Hills, ABS Historical Essay, pg 26,(1966) Now the following time stamps 22:28-22:56, bro
  13. So I would say that didn't remember the video too well so I rewatched it. I would admit that I was a bit hasty to say that Bryan didn't look into it. As Piper was saying, that Bryan did also say to go for the other Bibles that are closer in format to the Bible. So I stand corrected and I apologize for it. But Bryan in the video did say to "compare" the Bibles not translate from them. So @Romans_14.12 if you want to try to make this bible, then go ahead. Just know that we do not support it.
  14. I don't know who is making the stink - yet Bryan Denlinger has stated in many videos that the KJV Bible is the Purest and Perfect word for English Speaking and Reading People. Those of other languages should find a Bible closest to the KJV, which for Spanish is the Reina-Valera 1865. Mr. Denlinger has Advised people to find a Bible that correlates to Their Tongue, which is the closest format to the KJV Bible. To say and push forth that those of other languages should Only read the KJV Bible is the same as telling another to stop speaking in their original tongue and to talk in Engl
  15. Is this not your words? Did you not say, in reference to the Valera 1865, that it has Vatican readings? Why are you lying? Once again, you say that the Valera 1865 has supposedly has "Vatican" readings. So once again, prove that the word "humano" is a Vatican reading. Stop flapping your lips and put the money where your mouth is. "And you're treat'n me like a cultist for defending the absolute authority of the King James Bible over Greek and Hebrew." Do you not read or not understand? Where did any one of us say that we put the Greek and Hebrew over the KJV? We said for you to u
  16. So you're aware of that but still trying to prove otherwise? Bryan always teaches the KJV is the perfect and only Bible in English. I was just watching this and, hey, an example appeared (59:41). But whatever, anyone here could go back and forth and not go anywhere, there was also another user here who had this idea too, to translate the KJV to Spanish by himself. If that's what you want to do, go ahead. Rom 14:5 "(...) Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind".
  17. And here's an article about HB Pratt, one of the guys that worked on the Reina-Valera 1865: https://legacy.lib.utexas.edu/taro/apts/00091/apts-00091.html#:~:text=Biographical note-,Rev.,Princeton Theological Seminary in 1855.
  18. "Go and read what this ministry (this website) on what they believe. It says it clearly, THE KJV IS THE PURE WORD OF GOD IN ENGLISH, not Spanish, not any other language." I'm aware of that, but I'm also aware of this video. Are you? https://youtu.be/ud4vwLiX7oE
  19. "Hello, clearly we are not the ones taking a translation and using another language to "correct it" that is you." If you think that's dishonesty or disrespect for Spanish, then you don't know what dishonesty and disrespect for Spanish is.
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