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A section for people who primarily speak or read Spanish, or desire to discuss issues that pertain to that language / translation(s).
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  2. Esquema élites Bryan.pdfÉlites globalistas Escrituras.pdf
  3. Wow. I didn't know this was going on. Brothers; you should of stopped And not waste your time. Because you get dragged into bickering. Sister Lily I've read And judged. Simple you started with calling one lost. You abbreviated foul language as you should know it's corrupt and as a vessels of the LORD you don't do it; then mocked about it. Not to mention being manipulative. Brethren, we all want to fight the good fight. But this isn't it. Discernment should of lead you to abandon this unfaithful chat. The hole notion of learning English to have GOD's word is ridiculous; knowing
  4. Indeed. Just read everything | Plus wanted to set the last thing straight & respond to her question
  5. That's an abbreviation form of guile... - - - - - Plus, you said it yourself... - - - - - I never stated the guy was lost, yet just because I questioned at one point doesn't mean I'm calling him False or Fake straight out. I did state that few others saw him as lost, but I never ever stated or thought he was lost on any ground. You are using excuses to cause one another to turn toward each other and off of you. I believe this is called - " Causing Strife " Also, to make it clear, I hope and Do See him as a Brother in Christ that jus
  6. @ryoji yeah I agree. At this point, it is “beating a dead horse.”
  7. Then what makes you think I won't try to rebuke you too? Yea, sister Piper did the right thing though. All the aggressiveness has been on your side from the very beginning and you refuse to let go of your anger. And so I say to you, we had a nice conversation via messages but here you went shockingly berserk on everyone and everything. Oof, listen. It is ok if you don't agree with us, or even just me if you will, lest you now reply again that we "three boys" and Piper ganged on you. Calm down for a second. Dear Lord! Can we have a relaxed, fruitful exchange of thoughts? Because I
  8. Here you go: furthermore EVERY people in their own respected hispanic country will tell you they do not identify with spaniard anything due to the fact that they are completely different in culture language food and lets not forget the dark history of the spaniards inquisitions of majority hispanic countries. (This is from a different forum) Are these not your words? You are a Bryan worshiper straight up. I have great respect for brother Bryan but he is not God. Says thee karen 😂 “they are attacking me!” Your the one attacking, not us. They
  9. Well you demonstrated your true colors there @lily. I did not tease you at all, THAT WAS YOUR OWN DOING. I did not say “go kill yourself” at to you and let alone to my other brethren. I have an idea who is lost now and it is not them. Sure, they have their differences between them however, they never told each other “go kill yourself” because of disagreement. Brethren, you are seeing this first hand and watch out.
  10. is poppy stank better for you @Kíveño grow up you are such a hypocrite . now whos teasing lol you kids now a days are some kind of warped thinking. hopefully you get it straightened out. dont even act all innocent now like you a christian. you are FAR from it. it stunks throughout your entire attitude. you all figure it out in your own. like i said way earlier i have no business with you four lost trolls. thats the opinion of the church here as we try to digest all this backbitting behaviours and lies and thats all who matter to me. so goodbye and t
  11. So, if I replied to her because I found her to be unjust with me. Why shouldn't I address you also? Maybe I have been too soft on you and you want it harder? I don't know, there's people like that.
  12. a brawler lol have you seen all the back and forth you wrote about piper call her out in baggering you and all the mental stress you are going through in your life but you come and bagger others like myself. how pipe was being so hard on you and questioning your salvation yadda yadda ..... go back and read it for yourself. its disgusting how you treat eachother like cats and dogs. the proof is in the pudding. this is awful behavior worse than childs play. you like eachother then youre at eachothers throats. all out in the open. grow up and learn to control yourse
  13. Why are you cussing @lily? You cannot handle the heat from rebuking? Once again check yourself...
  14. i call bs when i see and i see it just fine. again piper you put labels on people like a natural liar. please copy paste where i am racist. you are so ignorant and confused. one minute you complain about these people calling into question whether they are saved and the next you are eating fruitloops with them. pick a side otherwise you look mentally unbalanced. grow up and act like stable minded people. all this back and forth is childs play thats not productive. i see you doing it all the time amongst yourselves then in a few seconds on another topic you ar
  15. @lily Remember, people of all nationalities are different. Not every single man or woman is the same. Not everyone of a nationality is the same either - we are all different. I don't know if your prejudice/ racistness comes forth to - Maybe - Just maybe you were a Victim of some sort by a hispanic man - In whatever way it may have been? However | That doesn't give you the right, Any Right, to lump them all together. Doesn't give you any right to see them as all the same or all of one way. Everyone has a choice, and there are folks out there that don't do evil actions that correl
  16. First of all, we were not bullying you at any shape or form. We were REBUKING you of your claims in which you are wrong. Since when non-communication became aggression and correlating your experience towards us and without knowing us personally? The words in all caps is to GRAB YOUR ATTENTION because, you started this dilema with your contentious ways. This is why it is better to communicate this matter in person, in order to avoid confusion. Paul had to write his epistles to the Corinthians STRONGLY because, they were blind and taught incorrectly. This is why I talk STRONGLY to you in all cap
  17. False. You do not know the topics as to what it concerns. You speak as if you know, yet - I know they're Saved. Those that you speak on. Plus, the post I made in which - I believe only ONE commented on - He felt conviction - yet the post wasn't toward him, but if one did get hit | Then it's time to examine. - You said you're not to assume things, yet - here you are automatically assuming things. - The word you seek is "Defending" for I am Defending those who don't speak English. - Also, Yes, You Did state - Like... I get it you English is Perfect
  18. If you want to be treated like a lady, behave like one. You have been behaving like a wild animal, biting left and right, in this thread and at least another one, for no good reason. A brawler, looking for trouble. But now you play the victim card. You can't have it both ways.
  19. its ok for three boys to gang up on my for typing errors (who dont even know if the english language if my native tongue) but i am accused of a negative remark about a language i never did or said . my oh my people here be seeing fantoms or something. there was only one confusion about who was going to write a new spanish bible version. then out of nowhere these three gang on me a woman because i called them out on something they totally said on their own. thats no reason to disrespect and elder person. the three never mentioned all the positive and encouraging
  20. because i can. and i will you dont control anyone here and no piper you have the wring stamps yet again. and since you knowi think you are lost why do you keep talking to me again. kiveño was trying to bully me and i am standing up for myself. funny i saw a thread you complaining about some if these same guys and now you come to their rescue. thats two faced.
  21. This - Exactly You do understand that you're the one has done this, not them - right? If you see them as lost - Why keep replying? If you see me as lost too, why keep replying?
  22. you look it up. follow the entire thread. while youre at it try to find where i said according to your accusations that i said any other language but english cant get saved lol you kids are jokers.
  23. rici again i never said the you need them you brought up the topic and shutvtgat diwn by sating you dont need them thanks for cooy paste that i said it . lol
  24. piper you dont study anything what part of God can only save says or refers to languages. like stop really. i have never stated that i get upset about other languages . please read before involving yourself and putting words into others mouth. i speak different languages wouldnt that be hypocritical . your asumptions are really bad. i have a love for languages. you dont go around life pining lies about people. again your ears fail you. you have never heard my voice yet i sound like something to you. maybe its all that wordly music has done you some damage.
  25. Can a saved, Bible-Believing woman mess up and say foolish things? The answer is YES!! Those verses are aimed at lost and saved women. How did I treated you any different? You Miss, are saying stupid things and I am rebuking you for them. Point blank and simple.
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