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The Videos Section and Other Updates.

Adam Moore



Over the last few days, I've been working on the videos section. With the new website, I tried to minimize the number of plugins that needed to be used to maintain stability and not unintentionally break things during updates. With WordPress, we needed to use 35 different plugins, now with Invision, we only use two, and both are for the videos. One is used to display the videos, and one is used to import the videos from YouTube.

With that said, I've encountered a bug with the video importer, which prevents me from importing all Bryan's videos from YouTube. After some back and forth with the author of the plugin(excellent support too), we tracked the bug down to a problem with YouTube's pageToken not being correctly saved to the database. He is currently working on this issue and hopefully will have a fix within the next few days. Once the importer is functioning correctly, it should only take a few minutes to import all of Bryan's videos to the new website.


Other Updates:
I added VerseClick to highlight bible verses automatically. I also started investigating terms of use for the website, and putting up a DMCA notice to avoid any problems that might arise with copyrighted items.


Much more to come, I'll keep posting updates here as I go. All the Glory to God, Thanks to Lord, and God bless everyone.


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The videos section will embed the YouTube videos directly into the page. This should be enabled now and I'll look into the descriptions more. I'm also still working on importing the rest of Bryan's videos, hopefully it shouldn't take very much longer.

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