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The Website Update: New Beginnings

Adam Moore


The Website Update: New Beginnings

When I set out to create a website for King James Video Ministries just over 2 years ago. I choose WordPress because it was open source, free and used by millions of websites. Little did I know the problems that we would face with it, from being the target of every spammer on God's green earth, to plugins breaking core features, updates breaking the website, and functionality that never really worked like it should have. So early last year, I started investigating better solutions, and that search lead me to the Invision Community Suite software that runs this website today.

Once I found the new software, I decided to hold myself to an enterprise level of quality for the new website. I wasn't going to accept bugs, errors, or any broken functionality. Since then, I've spent the better part of the last 12 months learning and touching on dozens of subjects including, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, JSON, MySQL, Programming Theory, Best Practices, Models, Design, UI, UX, DevOps and many more subjects that in the end, all relate to the building of this website.

Thanks to the Lord for the drive to put many hundreds if not thousands of hours into all the required learning, and for a very understanding wife. I hope everyone enjoys the upgrade.


Shared Web Host vs. Private Server

Before kingjamesvideoministries.org was hosted on a shared server, while this is a cheaper option that generally works well for most websites, performance and reliability can be problems because of the shared nature of the server. If one website consumes too much of the servers resources this can cause the all the websites to lag and run into problems. Unfortunately, we were this website at times.

To fix these issues, I purchased a VPS(Vitrual Private Server) server to host kingjamesvideoministries.org; this should be a significant upgrade from the shared hosting plan we were on before. We have more space(30GB vs. 5GB), bandwidth(100GB vs. 40GB), a dedicated IP address, and full control over the server software. Everything should also be quicker and much more reliable now.



With the new server purchased, I started configuring all the back-end items, CPANEL settings, MySQL databases, user permissions, server side software. From there, I needed to change the kingjamesvideoministries.org domain name servers to point to the new web server so that I could register the Invision software on the correct domain. After pointing the domain name to the new web server, I purchased and installed the new Invision Community Suite software, configured most of the required settings, installed plugins, customized the theme, and created backups.



With the server setup, and the software running and configured, It was finally time to start putting together the new website. Pew.

Made the forums and descriptions.

Created a home page.

Created the videos page.

Created the Ministry pages.

Configured the menus.



Page Construction

Database Construction

Application Creation




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