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View updates, changes, and our plans for kingjamesvideoministries.org.

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Invision Community Software Update

I've been busy working on the test server, preparing to update kingjamesvideoministries.org to the latest version of Invision Community. Quite a bit has changed with this release (Release Notes) and the theming system as well. So I went ahead and rewrote all the CSS we were using and have been working out a few kinks before I do the upgrade. Hopefully, sometime within the next week, I should have everything done.

Adam Moore

Adam Moore

VerseClick Problems

I've temporarily disabled VerseClick due to an issue with the CKE editor not displaying scripture when editing the first post in a topic.

Adam Moore

Adam Moore

Email Deliverability Update

After many attempts to fix the problems with sending emails to Microsoft domains (Outlook, Hotmail, Live, etc), every communication with them went some like this; Me:   Them: Me:   Them:     I did all this about three times over the last few weeks, and the results were always the same, nothing is wrong. So after speaking with our hosting provider again a few days ago, they submitted a request to Microsoft to have the entire IP address

Adam Moore

Adam Moore

Work to be done on the website before the official launch and video announcement.

Work to be done on the website before the official launch and video announcement. I'm finishing up some back-end items, working on the website rules and privacy policy, registering a DMCA safe harbor agent (To protect the website from copyright claims), tweaking the videos section, and have some work to do on the menus among many other things. I want to finish some of the items below before the official launch as well, but I am pretty constrained on time working on the back-end. If anyo

Adam Moore

Adam Moore

Email Deliverability, Reverse DNS, and PTR Records

After trying to send an email to an @live.com account, and getting a blocklist error in return, I've spent the last couple of days working on Domain PTR records, Reverse DNS, and email deliverability. I had already set up SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and the domains PTR records. However, the error I got from the live account indicated a problem with the PTR records. So I started double-checking settings, and came across an occasional PTR record error being reported within WHM, and CPANEL. After eight

Kingjamesvideoministries.org Hosting and Software Cost Breakdown.

A few of the brethren have asked me about the costs related to running this website, so here they are.   Web Hosting Domain Name: kingjamesvideoministries.org Yearly: $12.98   Web Server: VPS Server Monthly: $25.98   Software Invision Community Suite Renewal Costs for updates and support are every 6 months. Core: $100   Forums: $100 Renewal: $25   Pages: $100 Renewal:

The Videos Section and Other Updates.

Videos Over the last few days, I've been working on the videos section. With the new website, I tried to minimize the number of plugins that needed to be used to maintain stability and not unintentionally break things during updates. With WordPress, we needed to use 35 different plugins, now with Invision, we only use two, and both are for the videos. One is used to display the videos, and one is used to import the videos from YouTube. With that said, I've encountered a bug with the vi

The Website Update: New Beginnings

The Website Update: New Beginnings When I set out to create a website for King James Video Ministries just over 2 years ago. I choose WordPress because it was open source, free and used by millions of websites. Little did I know the problems that we would face with it, from being the target of every spammer on God's green earth, to plugins breaking core features, updates breaking the website, and functionality that never really worked like it should have. So early last year, I started inves
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