My Final Video

Discussing the past 10 years, and some big changes for 2019.

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Mitchell Johnston

Looking forward to the new  content. As far as streaming is concerned, you could just load the files on a hosting site, and provide a link in your posts. If you limit the codex to an open standard most current browsers should play them. I would keep the resolution down the save bandwitdh or offer low and high res.That is the simple solution. You host the web site, link in media from another 3rd party to save bandwitdh. i.e. Google drive, dropbox, etc….Mitch – eol

Matt M

I used to be in the Canadian artillery, and just looking at that chain saw and it scares me!

Joshua S

I know that websites can host their own videos on their own website (not youtube), maybe a software like that and a server renting system could allow you to host your own videos on your official website.