The God Of Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob Is NOT The Trinity!

The Old Testament prophecies that the Lord would have a Son, who would one day sit on the throne of David. A virgin would conceive and bare this Son, and he would be called “The Everlasting Father”. Nowhere, is the word “trinity” ever found in either the Old or New Testament! The trinity is a creation of pagan philosophers, and the Roman Catholic church.

Here is more information on why the “trinity” is not scriptural:

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Michael A Daruna

Waasasup brother Matt!! From Miami!

Fred N

Welcome Matt (from @ Canadian eh! 🙂   

Matt M

Thank you Bryan for this video. I have been confused about this for a while, and one night I simply asked our Lord Jesus Christ to guide me in the truth. The very next morning I had no idea where he would lead me, but I stumbled upon this video on youtube and I followed along in my Kings James Bible and I now have a clear understanding of the Godhead, not the trinity non-sense taught to me in various church buildings. I am now a follower of your ministry and have included you in my prayers. Thank you for putting yourself on the front lines and putting the truth out there for us.
All the way from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
God Bless you and your family,

Xxx xxx

If we listen to God we line up with the Northen star if we listen to Trinity we line up with the North pole. Same direction but two different things. John 8: 23-24