They That Be With Us, Are More Than They That Be With Them

Here are some good links to videos which you can post in the comments as a witnessing tool:

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Alexander Brent Hartley

Mr. Ruckman had said in a book he’d written, could be “Discrimination The Key to Sanity”, how the minorities run the majorities. Sometimes it seems there is more than there is because of the noise they make? 2:38’ish he stands by the word and doesn’t compromise. I think they work to tear down for the same reason they work to tear down the standard, the King James Bible. He upholds the truth and they want to tear down the truth so they tear him down. Of course, as he has said himself, he isn’t the standard, the KJV is. This we know. I’ve found myself on the defense as well. I guess I need to realize, have faith in, the fact that God’s truth WILL stand. It would be easier if one didn’t care…