Blaspheming God’s word! Part 2

Part 2

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Eda Stepanova

Agree with Bryan, at least the man was honest not teach from the book didn’t believe in.

Geoff Whitehead

I found what this Man had to say quite honest, and one of the more polite, in fact very Polite assessments from the perspective of someone who was schooled in the new versions way of lookin’ at the “word” of God, it’s such a shame that the pro new versions misinformation He was fed. If only He’d learnt from the real word of God, The King James Bible, but He certainly had more integrity than those who stand behind a pulpit makin’ a pretense that they believe.

Xxx xxx

The starting point is not important, what you do about that is. We have a head to use it so even if we start wrong we can end up right. I started catholic, I got saved. All thanks to Bryan. Now I try to save others. Even apostol Paul started wrong and look what he accomplished. I believe God has mercy on us and we all have an opportunity to get saved, some people accept salvation others don’t. The once that accept Jesus , can become his workers and I believe Bryan has a special gift in preaching the gospel . We all have a gift from God, are you using yours for the glory of God? I incourage everybody, check yourselfs see what you can do for the Lord.