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    • We all fell for a lot of medical deception in our lost lives. Maybe even some in our saved lives. I always had issues with the prayer list at my Independent Fundamental Baptist churches where it would have all the medical issues and "prayers for wisdom for the doctors."

      I always thought I was alone on this until now. Other than an occasional visit to see some sleeping brethren we do not attend these Babel Buildings anymore.

    • Very interesting! I have been battling with strange unknown symptoms for many years now! I believe I am really sensitive to EMF's among other things. Our internet is hard wired, but anytime I am around a lot of Wi Fi my heart starts doing weird things 😞 I grow weary of this flesh...

    • 5 hours ago, Saved Repentant Sinner said:

      Katherine was right about giving birth at home and staying out of hospitals.

      Yes I can attest to this!! I had our second son all natural birth in the comfort of our own space, with a midwife. My husband was my coach and rock apart from the Lord who got me through it all! Praise the Lord it is possible to have a healthy home birth! No interventions whatsoever. Our first son however was not the case. I had to be induced! and there were complications and I ended up getting an epidural! which I regret doing. It was a long hospital stay too. Awful experience!! It ruined the bond because I was so out of it 😞 we had latching problems and everything! AND it has created spiritual problems too!! In my defense I was ignorant, having just been just newly saved and born again. I really feel for that young lady what she must be going through! I pray the Lord will help her, and most importantly that she will turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. 

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    • Katherine was right about giving birth at home and staying out of hospitals.

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    • If you have unexplained pain or strange symptoms with no known cause I recommend looking into books by John Sarno. He was an MD that went against conventional medical protocol. In his books he quotes from Sickmind Freud a lot but I found his theories helpful.

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    1. I've been busy working on the test server, preparing to update kingjamesvideoministries.org to the latest version of Invision Community. Quite a bit has changed with this release (Release Notes) and the theming system as well. So I went ahead and rewrote all the CSS we were using and have been working out a few kinks before I do the upgrade. Hopefully, sometime within the next week, I should have everything done.

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