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    • Let's lighten a little the mood from satanic child sacrifice videos =P


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    • *sigh* whatever, my friend... I'm sorry I answered. I just can't do this right now.

    • 1 hour ago, radorn said:

      I don't even know what to make of that picture, @ryoji.

      At any rate... do you plan to make this forum into a new chapter of the Flat Earth Society, or something?

      I'm still researching flat earth to make the most educated guess I can. It is not a salvation issue, but for some it could be the entry point. As far as I have seen, it seems the Flat Earth Society is controlled opposition by the way.

      But what is the problem? What don't you agree with? Say you are in the coast of the UK, and you and someone else in the coast of the US are holding somehow a rope tight so it's totally straight. If the earth was a sphere, the rope would still be straight and it would dip into the water as shown in the diagram. Do you agree that it bends along with the supposed curvature of the earth??? This is nonsense: globers claim that everything is "refracted" to explain why we see further than we should because they appeal to atmosphere, refraction and lighting conditions and whatnot. BUT with a physical rope you know it's 100% straight no matter what you cannot make the claim, it's absurdity.

      Now imagine a boat sailing next to the rope, and measuring that indeed the rope is parallel to the level of the sea: given that water is ALWAYS AT LEVEL (show me curved water and how??) and that the rope keeps its distance to the water, there is NO PLACE for any curvature. Where would you say the curve would start? The boat would have already reached the US before they could even detect any change in the relative position of the rope and the water! In a globe earth, either the rope bends along with the curvature of the earth, which is a ludicrous claim, or it dips into the water as it is straight and the water curved, which is also never seen in reality. OR you know, you can deduce that if they are parallel, the sea is flat just as the rope is straight, therefore the earth is flat because 70% of the earth is sea.

      What makes me curious is why you seem so baffled at the idea, as I have told you. You are skeptic, fair enough, if it was just one thing that seemed to point to a flat earth ok, but man, there are many and make sense just as, if not more than, the globe model.

      As with the Reina Valera 1602/1865, you seem to have a hard time believing, you're so skeptic it's a miracle you believe the Bible to begin with =P

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